About Little Cove Farm:
Little Cove Farm is 50 acres of rolling farmland complete with
fenced pastures, unfenced forest, flat lands, and deep ravines.  It is
a waterfront farm with 1,000 feet along both Little Cove and Norris
Camp Cove off Saint Leonard Creek.  The property has been known
as Little Cove Farm for many years, and is located in an area which
boasts the best results of Maryland State and Calvert County
farmland preservation programs.  The farm is found in increasingly
hard-to-find, beautiful, open countryside.  The area is definitive
horse country, rich with stables producing fine warmbloods.  As
visitors leave the county road and approach the new building that
houses the stables and indoor arena, they first see the old, restored
tobacco barn, giving evidence of the farm’s heritage.  As they
reach the parking area, they can see the considerable size of the
facility, which overlooks an outdoor arena and rolling pastures.  
From here, the owners’ dream of this farm as an ideal place to enjoy
horses can be readily seen.

Little Cove Farm is in Chesapeake Bay country, 44 miles south of the
Capital Beltway, using Maryland Route 4.  The farm is 50 miles from
Reagan National Airport, and 64 miles from Baltimore/Washington

About our Stable Manager:
Rita Riddile has over 38 years of riding and horse care experience.  
She started riding when she was 15.  She attended The Talland
School of Equitation, in Cirencester, England.  Prestigious Talland is
approved by the British Horse Society (BHS) and the Association of
British Riding Schools.  Rita received her BHS Assistant Instructor
Certificate, specializing in Equitation, Stable Management,
Horsemastership, and Minor Ailments.  She has bred registered
Hanoverian and Oldenburg sporthorses that have received
national top-ten awards sanctioned by the United States Equestrian
Federation, Inc., which has placed her among the top 50 breeders
in the nation.  Rita rides dressage and has competed independently
at the Training Level.

Rita is a retired network engineer.  Her husband, Andy Riddile,
served in the U.S. Navy in key positions, including Senior Military
Advisor to the Vice President of the United States, Air Squadron
Commander, Air Wing Commander, and Task Force Commander.  
After his career in the Navy, he served in private industry in the
Washington, D.C. area, supporting senior levels of government and
all U.S. Tier 1 aerospace defense contractors as President of
National Security Research, Inc., a policy development company
which he and his partners merged with a member of the Fortune
1000 Largest Companies in America.  Andy now drives the tractors,
grades the roads, and mends the fences.

Rita and Andy own and reside on Little Cove Farm.

About our Staff/Employment:
Little Cove Farm clients frequently comment on the exceptionally
high quality of the small, but very capable stable staff.  In every
aspect of the business, the staff members excel.  Inquiries are
welcome from job seekers, who are attracted by the idea of
working at a high-quality equestrian facility.  Click
HERE for more.
2455 Garrity Road, Saint Leonard, Maryland 20685 - (301) 802-2064
Maryland Dept. of Agriculture Horse Industry Board Stables License #0215
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