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Educational Services
Little Cove Farm

  • Understand Your Horse's Movement ~ Realize His Potential
            Horse Owners, Riders, Instructors, & Equine Healthcare Providers
    This Course is for you!
    Throughout this seminar, students will learn how the horse’s body works biomechanically to move
    in balance and collection. Students discover the importance of riding and working horses in
    healthy postures to strengthen and enhance equine well-being.

    •        What to look for in healthy movement and muscular development
    •        What creates a healthy posture in horses
    •        How to evaluate a horse’s conformation from a new perspective
    •        Exercises to develop horses’ postural strength


    WHEN:       TBD

    WHERE:      Little Cove Farm, Saint Leonard, Maryland
    Contact:   Hosted by: Rita Riddile;  rmswan57@yahoo.com
    Meet The Instructor:
    Jillian Kreinbring
    After years of competing and working in the United States and Germany, Jillian embarked upon
    a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, studying equine movement and muscle
    development. Jillian’s research was guided in part by Dr. Hillary Clayton, Dr. Nancy Nicholson,
    and Dr. Sara Wyche. In addition, she studied gross anatomy with Dr. Deb Bennett. One major
    accomplishment of her graduate studies was the design of a conformation evaluation tool for
    the neck musculature of the horse. This project is ongoing and aims to produce a whole horse
    atlas for muscular evaluation. Her deep concern for the wellbeing of horses fuels her study of
    classical riding and its relationship to proper muscular development and biomechanics. To
    further that end, she has developed this lecture seminar.

  • Introduction To Horse Psychology
    Introduction to Horse Psychology is an intensive, two-day (16-hour) course that offers concepts
    and tools to help people achieve success with their horses.  Whether your horse is a world-class
    competitor or a companion that lives in the field behind your house, this course will teach you
    how horses understand the world and how we can learn to communicate effectively in “horse
    terms”.  The course is limited to six riders. Auditors are welcome.  Next offered: TBA.
                   Private Consulting

  • Additional Instruction
    Many people have already encountered concepts presented in the Introduction to Horse
    Psychology course, but clients quickly learn that the course material and experience examine
    these concepts at an essentially more fundamental level.  Although it is expected that most
    people cannot absorb these ideas in an hour or two, many of them can be understood by the
    end of the two-day course.  Introduction to Horse Psychology builds a foundation of
    understanding that enables clients to approach their horses with an added perspective, which
    can make a profound difference not only in their riding, but also in their groundwork.  Through
    discussion and demonstrations, this course enables clients to “see” what the concepts mean to
    a horse.  Clients also have the opportunity to begin putting the concepts into action with their
    horses brought for the weekend.

    Following attendance of the Introduction to Horse Psychology, clients are welcome to return
    to Little Cove Farm to explore further the concepts introduced.  For returning clients
    seeking additional instruction or just opportunity to practice concept application,
    the following apply (original Coggins required):

    Location:                         Little Cove Farm, 2455 Garrity Road, Saint Leonard, MD 20685
    Dates:                                As arranged with Rita Riddile, Owner and Stable Manager.
                                              (See About Us and Contact Us.)
    Rider fee:                         $25 per single consultation session.
    (paid in advance)       
                                              For riders wanting practice with no consultation:
                                                  $20 per day with stall or paddock, if available.
                                                  $10 per day with no stall.
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Educational Services
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