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Educational Services
        Educational Series 2013

  • Visiting Instructors
    These lessons by visiting professionals supplement materials taught in the course on
    biomechanics.  During these lessons, students will be taught how to apply what they have learned
    about how the horse’s body works biomechanically to move in balance and collection. Students
    discover the importance of riding and working horses in healthy postures to strengthen and
    enhance equine well-being.  Students demonstrate these improved postures and apply them
    while working their horses.

    •        What to look for in healthy movement and muscular development
    •        What creates a healthy posture in horses
    •        How to evaluate a horse’s conformation from a new perspective
    •        Exercises to develop horses’ postural strength

    WHEN:      Visiting Instructors Information and Calendar

    WHERE:      Little Cove Farm, Saint Leonard, Maryland
    Contact:   Hosted by: Rita Riddile;  rmswan57@yahoo.com

    General Information
    Meet The Instructors:

    Jillian Kreinbring
    After years of competing and working in the United States and Germany, Jillian embarked upon a
    graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, studying equine movement and muscle
    development. Jillian’s research was guided in part by Dr. Hillary Clayton, Dr. Nancy Nicholson, and
    Dr. Sara Wyche. In addition, she studied gross anatomy with Dr. Deb Bennett. One major
    accomplishment of her graduate studies was the design of a conformation evaluation tool for the
    neck musculature of the horse. This project is ongoing and aims to produce a whole horse atlas for
    muscular evaluation. Her deep concern for the wellbeing of horses fuels her study of classical
    riding and its relationship to proper muscular development and biomechanics. To further that end,
    she has developed this lecture seminar.

         Diane Sept
    Diane is an extraordinary horseman based in Pennsylvania.  Her teaching is rooted in correct
    biomechanics for the horse and rider, giving both a chance to move together in a particularly
    healthy way.  Diane specializes in work with smooth-gaited breeds (39 years!), but teaches all
    breeds and disciplines.  At Little Cove Farm, she has helped riders who trail ride, ride dressage,
    eventing, and barrel racing.  She also has helped riders of smooth-gaited horses, which of course is
    her favorite.  She has shown extraordinary talent in helping some of the geriatric horses, and in
    helping young horses, who are just getting started.
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